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Transfer Items


Do you sell with other sales in the area? 


That's GREAT!  There are several sales in Maryland that use the exact same seller software that we use which makes it super easy to transfer your item tags from sale to sale WITHOUT re-typing and re-tagging your items.

You can transfer any of your tags from one sale to another using the My Consignment Manager website. You must be registered for a sale to transfer your items into that sale AND the current sale must be “active” or “closed” and not “locked”.  Sales are typically locked just at the end of drop off through to the week following a sale to allow owners to complete account settlement.


  1.  Go to

  2. In the top right corner, select “Seller Login”

  3. Login using your GKM username and password

  4. Click on Manage Inventory on the gray bar.

  5. Select the consignment sale that you are transferring tags FROM using the drop-down box next to "Choose a consignment sale to work on:"

Screenshot 2021-08-30 5.48.59 PM.png

   6. On the tabs below, click on “Transfer Items”. 

   7.  Change the Status drop down menu from “All” to “Unsold”.

   8.  Click the blue “Refresh” button on the left side.

   9.  Check the boxes of the items that you would like to transfer FROM a past sale.

  10. Choose the new sale you are transferring items into using the  “Select a Target Consignment” dropbox.

   11. Click on the (now blue) “Transfer your Selected Item(s) to the Target Consignment Now” bar.  

  12. A bar will pop up to tell you that your Seller Number (on your tags) must match your registered Seller Number in the new sale, otherwise you will need to reprint your tags.  If you are using your same consignor number (as most people do), then you should be ok.  Click OK.

  13. Continue this process until you transfer every item over to the new sale.  

If you have ANY trouble with this process please message us at  We are happy to help you transfer items into our sale or even out to another event.  Make the most of your time tagging by tagging once and selling at whatever events fit into your schedule!

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