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Drop Off


You must make an appointment to drop-off your items for sale.  You can do this in your MyCM Account by selecting the "Drop-Off" tab.

When you show up for drop-off you will fill out your consignor agreement and bring your clothing items to a check-in station.  Please bring your phone with you to check-in, we are moving towards a paperless environment and you will be using your phone to fill out your consignor agreement.

We do have a few carts available to help you bring your items in from your car, just ask when you get there.  First come, first served.

Please be sure to give yourself enough time at drop-off to put your items out on the sales floor. Our team members will inspect your clothing and items and then you will need to place them out on the racks and sales floor once inspection is complete. One great way to speed up this process is if you bring your clothing items sorted by size and gender. You will save yourself a bunch of time. Of course, if we have extra team members available we will always help out.


If you are planning to bring more than 250 total items, it would be wonderful if you could drop off on our first drop-off day so that we will have time to organize everything on the sales floor before Preview shopping night.

NEW! Drop & Go Service

Your dreams have come true - we are now offering Drop and Go Service for your consignment sale items. 


So exciting!  This means that you will simply unload your items at our event, fill out your consignor agreement and leave!

Our awesome seller squad will put out your items on the sales floor for you. 

  • Jarrettsville - You can drop off your items on Tuesday anytime between 4 pm - 8 pm.

  • Bel Air - You can drop off your items on Monday anytime between 4 pm - 8 pm.

In order to qualify for this service your inventory must meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum inventory of 250 items

  • All clothing must be sorted by size and gender when dropped off

  • All items must be marked DISCOUNT and DONATE.

The fee for this service is $20 and must be paid at the time of reservation.  This fee is non-refundable. 

Sign up here:

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