Jarrettsville 2020 Summer Sale Consignor FAQs

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sell and shop with you all again!


We genuinely hope this is a blessing for both our sellers and our shoppers during this

incredibly challenging time.  There are A LOT OF CHANGES we needed to make to make this event happen.  Please take some time to read through these changes and ask us questions.


Please reach out to us through Facebook or e-mail if we missed anything.

What are you accepting for this event?

Summer Clothing Guidelines


  • Short Sleeve Shirts and tank tops

  • Leggings, Jeans and Athletic Pants

  • Shorts

  • PJs - lightweight

  • Spring and Summer Dresses

  • Hooded Sweatshirts and zip up lightweight jackets

  • Rain coats and boots

  • Dress-Up

  • Crocs and Water Shoes

  • Bathing Suits

  • Sunhats

  • Summer themed and summer holiday clothing (4th of July, beach, seashells, spring florals, sunshine)

  • Groups of bodysuits (onsies) or complete  outfits

No, save for later

  • Long Sleeve Shirts

  • Pants

  • Winter Coats

  • Snowgear

  • Long Sleeve and Winter Dresses

  • Sweaters

  • Winter Boots

  • Winter Hats & Gloves

  • Winter & Fall Holiday or Seasonal Clothing - Christmas, Snowflakes, Polar Bears, Thanksgiving, etc.

  • Halloween Costumes and Clothing

  • Single Bodysuits (Onsies) - these are never accepted, must be grouped with an outfit or multiple bodysuits.

How will drop-off work? 

1. You must make a drop-off appointment on Tuesday, June 9 or Wednesday, June 10.  You can make your appointment in your account in MyCM under the Drop-Off tab. 

If you are picking up your remaining items at the end of the event you will choose a pick-up appointment for Monday when you complete drop-off.
2. Consignors will still be responsible for putting all non-clothing items out on the sales floor.  However you will drop-off all clothing with our team members and we will inspect and hang them for you.  All clothing items must be dropped off in plastic bags or cardboard boxes, no bins that need to be returned.  You may bring a maximum of 300 hanging clothing items.
3. Your clothing must be sorted by size and gender.  
4. All items with non-porous surfaces like hard plastic and metal should be sanitized before drop-off to keep us and our families extra safe.

5. As is required in all retails establishments at this time, please wear a mask when you are in the building for drop-off, pick-up or shopping.

Are you still inspecting items? 

Yes, we will be inspecting clothing as we hang it on the racks and other items as we prepare the sales floor.

What happens to clothing that gets rejected at inspection? 

The tag will be marked and the item will be waiting for you at pick-up.

Will consignors be able to shop early, it's one of my favorite perks?!? 

We will be allowing 50 shoppers at a time in our over 7,000 square foot space to keep everyone as safely distanced as possible.  With over 200 consignors this means that not all consignors will be able to shop at the same time for consignor pre-sale.  We have set aside Wedneday night for only consignor pre-sale consignors that plan to shop MUST choose a shopping time and sign up here.  Consignors may sign up for up to TWO tickets but remember that every person attending must have their own ticket including children.  Please do not sign up for tickets if you are not planning to attend the pre-sale.


I noticed I can't sign up to be a team member for this sale, what happened?

In order to keep our sellers and shoppers the safest and to comply with all the changes and requirements for retail establishments we will be converting to an ALL HOURLY PAID event staff going forward. This change will significantly reduce the number of workers in the building together at one time as well as the number of people we interact with on a daily basis.

If I can't sign up for team member shifts how can I increase my sales commission?

All consignors will earn 60% sales commission on their sold items, however consignors with gross sales of over $1,000 will automatically receive 70% commission on their sold items.  In addition, we'd love to have you join our event staff if you are available. 


Please e-mail Lori at lori@growingkidsmart.com if you are interested in working with us for the week.  We are looking for people that can commit to at least 16 hours so two full 8 hour shifts with a maximum of 40 hours during the week.

Are there any changes to pick-up?

We have moved pick-up to Monday June 15 from 9 AM - 5 PM and you will need to schedule a pick-up appointment when you come in for drop-off.  If you need to re-schedule your pick-up for Sunday evening because of your work schedule please reach out to us so we can make an appointment with you.

Are you still going to have Dollar Dash?

Yes, it's on Monday, June 15 from 6 PM - 7 PM.  It will be limited capacity but we're excited to be able to offer it again.

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