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Prep and Tag Basics

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Tagging Supplies

  • White or light color cardstock paper (Dark colors will not be readable with the barcode scanner at checkout)


  • Child size plastic or wire hangers for clothing


  • Safety pins or tagging gun to attach tags to clothing

  • Zip or slide close bags to keep small parts and accessories together

  • Packing tape to attach tags to toys, however you may want to consider painters tape or scotch tape for books and games to make tape removal easier and less damaging to the item.  Please remember not to tape over the barcode when attaching tags to items.


  • Zip ties, ribbon or string to tie together shoes or attach bags of accessories to toys.


  • Batteries for any toys that may need new batteries. (Fees apply for toys missing batteries)

How to use My Consignment Manager

  • Register with our online tagging system through the login tab above, which will take you to our partner, My Consignment Manager's online consignment management system.

  • Consignors will choose their own consignor number.  Please use the first letter of your last name followed by the last four digits of your telephone number.  I.E. -  M4567.  However, if you already have a consignor number set-up in the MyCM system please use the same consignor number so you can easily transfer your items from each event.

  • Be sure to enter your correct name and address at registration as that is where your consignor check will be mailed.​

  • Begin entering items through our online tagging sytem "Enter items" screen. Fill in all fields as you desire.  Keep in mind that being more descriptive helps sell your item and also helps to match lost tags if needed.

  • Select "Discount" for your item if you would like to offer your item at half price on 50% Off Sale Day, the last day of our event.

  • Select "Donate" your item if you would like your unsold item to be used to support a local family or non-profit after the sale is completed.  Please note that all items that are not picked up by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the event become the property of Growing Kids Mart and may be donated regardless of what is printed on the tag.

  • Print your barcoded tags as directed through My Consignment Manager and attach to your items as securely as possible.  There is an instruction help screen under "Print Tags" screen if you are having trouble printing.  Please remember to use cardstock paper as regular paper will often rip.  Some items may be handled many times throughout the sale and if your tag gets separated from your item it will not be eligible for sale unless we can locate the tag.  Also, please do not tape over the barcode when attaching your tags.

  • Please do not make any handwritten changes to your tags once printed, including discount settings. Only what is printed on the tag will be calculated as the sales price.

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