2021 Fall & Winter Events

September 21-26, 2021

October 19-23, 2021

November 9-13, 2021

Shopper FAQs

Is there a cost for admission to the event?

All our public shopping times are free admission and open to all. 


We have a private preview event  before we open to the public.  This event is for all our sellers to attend but we do make a small number of tickets available for purchase as well as free tickets to new parents.

What types of payments are accepted?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card.


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How can I shop the private pre-sale?

Do you want to shop BEFORE the public sale starts?

There are three different ways to get into the private pre-sale the night before we open to the public.
#1 - Sign up as a consignor! One of the best perks of consigning if getting first pick! Consignors shop first on pre-sale night.  You need to consign a minimum of 10 items to earn a free pre-sale pass.
#2 - Buy a pre-sale pass. Pre-Sale pass purchasers shop second on pre-sale night.   You get a chance to shop the regular sale before the public AND to shop the half-price sale before the public also. 
#3 - Sign up as a New Parent. Sign up for our free New Parent Pre-sale event on pre-sale night. You are eligible for this event if you are expecting, adopting or had a child in the past year - whether it's your first, second, tenth, or any number. 
It's FREE to sign up but new parents can only register for this event once every two years.

When is the best time to shop?

Early and often!  If you are looking for specific high-demand items like popular toys or nursery equipment it is totally worth it to buy a ticket to our preview event.  However, just like black Friday events, prepare for longer lines and lots of people on pre-sale night, public opening morning and half-price day.  If you prefer to shop when it's not as busy show up any day after 1 pM that we are open.  Afternoons and evenings have few lines.

Will everything have a price tag? 

Yes, every item for sale will have a price tag that is prepared by each individual family that is selling with us.

Are prices negotiable?

No, prices are set by the sellers.  The staff and team members of Growing Kids Mart cannot change the price printed on merchandise tags or offer a discount on any item.

What happens if I find an item without a tag?

Bring it up the front counter and we will look up the item in our inventory to find the price.  Unfortunately we can't sell any items without a price tag so if we aren't able to locate a good description in our inventory we won't be able to sell that item.

Why are two of the same items priced differently?

Each item is priced by the family selling that item so you will often find two of the same item with different prices.  It is entirely up to each individual seller what price they would like to sell their stuff.  The staff and team members of Growing Kids Mart cannot change the price printed on merchandise tags or offer a discount on any item.

Do you restock items throughout the event?

In order to serve more families, our Jarrettsville event will restock merchandise from additional families on Thursday evening.  Our other events do not have restocking at this time.

Is everything 50% off on 50% Sale Day?

On 50% off sale day, all merchandise with tags that read "Discount: Yes" will be sold for half price.  Each consignor chooses whether or not to participate in half price sale day.  The staff and team members of Growing Kids Mart cannot change the price printed on merchandise tags or offer a discount on any item.

What is Dollar Dash?

On our last day of the sale we hold a Charity Dollar Dash for one hour for all items not picked up by consignors at the end of the event.  Proceeds from this event are donated to several non-profits in support of local families.  

  • Any item originally priced up to $19.99 sold for $1

  • Any item originally priced from $20 to $99.99 sold for $5

  • Any item orignially priced $100+ sold for $20