Ready to join our team?  Sign-up online by selecting the login tab from our navigation menu above and select your shifts after registering as a consignor.   However, there are a few rules you should read first.

Team Member Rules:
  • Only consignors (18 years and older) may sign up to be team members
  • For everyone's safety, you may not bring your children with you to your team member shift
  • ​If you need to cancel or reschedule your shift, please e-mail Lori at least 24 hours in advance.  If you do not show up to your scheduled shift without notifying our team you will not be permitted to assist at future sales.
  • All Team Member positions are accepted at the discretion of the sale owner and may be accepted or declined.
  • Team Members may select a total of three shifts for a maximum accumulation of an additional 20% commission on sales.

Team Member Functions

Team Members have a wide variety of opportunties to assist the sale in running smoothly.  Here are a few examples of the types of shifts available.

Team Member Opportunities:
  • Organize the sales floor
  • Greet consignors and assist with consignor check in
  • Check in and tag large items for sale
  • ​Return misplaced items to the sales floor
  • Help consignors find their items for check-out 
  • Help pull the donations from the sales floor after the sale is closed
  • Pack up signage and equipment
  • ​Assist shoppers at the hold area or on the sales floor
We would love to have you on our team at the sale!  GKM Team Members earn an additional 5-15% on their consignment sales and enjoy shopping before anyone else to find the best deals.

Team Member Benefits:*
  • Sign up for 1 Shift (4 hours)  -   Earn 65% commission on your sold items and shop the Thursday and Saturday Pre-Sale
  • Sign up for 2 Shifts (8 hours) - Earn 70% commission on your sold items and shop the Thursday and Saturday  Pre-Sale
  • Sign up for 3 Shifts (12 hours)- Earn 75% commission on your sold items and shop the first at the Thursday Pre-Sale and Saturday

*Some essential shifts will offer an additional bonus commission to ensure these shifts are filled.  Team Members are limited to a maximum accumulation of an additional 20% commission for all shifts selected (up to 80%) and must choose at least 3 shifts (12 hours) to earn the maximum commission of 80%.

Join the Team