How can I sign up to consign at the Growing Kids Mart?

Sign up onine through our partner software, My Consignment Manager.  Select the Login  tab above to get started.

Is there a fee to sign up for the sale?

There is a $9 registration fee for all consignors that will be collected through PayPal at registration.

How much will I earn at the sale?

Consignors earn 60-75% of the purchase price of each item.  All consignors earn a minimum of 60% but consignors that choose to join the GKM team earn up to 75% of their total sales.  See details on the Join page.

What types of items are sold at the Growing Kids Mart sale?
We will sell practically anything and everything kids.  You can expect to find quality, name brand children's clothing, toys, infant equipment and sports equipment.  Please see the list of accepted items on the Sell page.

Are there any items for adults sold at the Growing Kids Mart sale?
We welcome books and dvds about parenting as well as maternity clothing but at this time we are not accepting any general adult items for sale.

How will my items be labeled?

You will create a barcoded tag for each item that you plan to sell through our online tagging system. This tag will have your unique consignor number that you will select through the consignment management software to identify which items belong to you.

How should I price my items to sell?

Generally, all items should be priced between 1/4 and 1/3 of retail price.  However, some larger toys and outdoor toys can be priced closer to 1/2 of retail depending on their condition.  

What is half-price day at the sale?
On the last day of the sale consignors may choose to offer their items at half-price.   If you plan to participate in half-price day please select the discount check box on each item you would like to offer a half-price.  You can change this setting for each item.

How can I donate my items if I do not want my unsold items back at the end of the sale?
If you plan to donate your remaining inventory please select the donate checkbox on each item designated for donation after the sale closes. You have the option to select donation for each item or only a few items if you choose.  Any item designated for donation will be used to support local non-profits and families in need.  You can also bring your donations directly to drop-off or pick-up for collection. 

When can I pick up the items that do not sell?
After the sale closes consignors may come to pick up their items.  Please allow yourself ample time to locate items that may have been moved throughout the sale.  

How will I know which items have sold?
You can check online through my consignment manager by 6:00 a.m. the following morning to determine which items sold the previous day.  On the last day of the sale you will be able to print an updated sold inventory report to use to find your remaining items on the sales floor when you come for pick-up.

What happens if I cannot find one of my items at the end of the sale?
Growing Kids Mart does their best to run an accurate check-out station and provide enough eyes on the floor to prevent theft.  However, it is always a possibility that an item could go missing and Growing Kids Mart will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please consider this when choosing which items to bring to the sale.  Also, please ask a team member to help you if you are having trouble locating your items.  Any items remaining at the sale after 5:00 pm on pick-up day become the property of Growing Kids Mart.

If I select donation for my items but change my mind, can I still pick them up?
Of course! Just come to the regular consignor pick up time and collect your items.  Prepare to do a bit more hunting for your items as we collect donations and sort them first.

What types of payments are accepted at Growing Kids Mart?
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Sorry, no personal checks.

How can I set up a fundraiser at the sale for my school or non-profit?
We love community fundraisers! Please contact Lori for more information on how to set up one account for item entry, suggestions for collection and prep as well as opportunities to earn more through assisting at the sale.

 Consignor FAQs