‚ÄčWhat clothing items do you accept?
Above is a list for this season.  We follow these limits so that our racks don't get overfilled.  Our 2018 Fall event was very, very full so we will be more selective this season and following our clothing guidelines closely. 

Do you only accept certain clothing brands?

No, we accept ALL clothing brands but every item must be in EXCELLENT condition.    

Will you accept clothing with a small defect if it's an upscale clothing brand? 

No, we can't accept any clothing with even small stains, too much wear, fading or pilling.  I know this is a tough one because even I have a hard time putting those adorable Gymboree dresses in the "No" pile when they have just the smallest stain.  We would encourage you to find a friend that may want this item or perhaps your school's nurse.  That item is probably still usable but it is not sell-able.  It's awful to hear after our event that a shopper got home and found a defect missed when shopping.  Let's keep this event stocked with quality, excellent items and keep those shoppers coming back to buy your clothing season after season.

Do you inspect clothing items?

Yes, we inspect all clothing items and do our absolute best to make sure everything that goes on the racks is in season and ready for sale.

Do you accept bathing suits?

Yes but only for the Spring & Summer events.

How about accessories? 

Yes, we accept all kinds of accessories and my kids personally love to look through that section - hats, sunglasses, hairbows, kids jewelry (no fine jewelry please), belts.  However, we do not accept women's purses.

Do you accept footwear?

Shoes are actually a pretty popular sale item at our event but please inspect your shoes carefully.  Kids are TOUGH on shoes so take a close look before you bring them.  Socks are a tough sell.  You MAY bring them but please make sure you clearly mark their SIZE on the bag and that they are truly like new.  Of course we also accept tights (always one of my favorite finds) but please check those feet and make sure they are white and not gray :)

What about all this infant clothing?!?  I'm drowning in it!

Yup, we totally get it and we'd love to take it all but then we wouldn't have room for anything else.  Infant clothing limits are 75 tags per gender.  So that means bundle, bundle, bundle!  Each tag counts as one item so if you have 6 bodysuits or an outfit tagged together that item only counts as one towards your limit of 75.  You can have 75 girls tags and 75 boys tags in sizes Infant through 12 months.  

Also, new this season - we do not accept single bodysuits (like Onsies) on a hanger.  Bodysuits must be bundled together or part of an outfit.

 Clothing Prep  FAQs